Eastside Village is part of a growing national movement designed to enable older adults to be able to age at home and in their community safely, affordably, happily, and healthily for as long as they choose.

Big news: RISE Village Merges with Eastside Village

In order to more effectively serve the residents of all the SE Uplift neighborhoods, the leadership team of RISE Village has unanimously voted to merge with Eastside Village and become one single Village!

The new Eastside Village service area will run from I-84 south to Portland’s southern boundary, and will be looking for an office near Powell Blvd, which is the mid-point between Eastside Village North (the 12 neighborhoods north of Powell) and Eastside Village South (the 11 neighborhoods south of Powell).

The founding members of the RISE Village have eagerly joined the Eastside Village launch team and will be working to help the new expanded Eastside Village begin delivering services by September 30, 2015.

If you are a resident of any of the Eastside Village neighborhoods and would like to receive Village services and support for yourself or a loved one starting this fall – or to help deliver them as a Village volunteer – please email EV Launch Coordinator Zachary Michel (zacharyemichel@gmail.com) to learn more.


A Village is a group of like-minded people in a geographic area who come together to help each other age affordably in their own homes. This kind of village is not a building, real estate development, or retirement community.  It is a coordinated network of volunteer and reduced-cost services that supports village members to do as much for as little cost for as long as possible.

Membership will be open to all residents of this area age 18 and older, so that people with disabilities who are not yet seniors may benefit from the services Eastside Village PDX offers.


We plan to start providing services in September 2015. Once launched, Eastside Village will offer our members volunteer assistance with transportation, minor home repairs, grocery shopping, trips to the doctors, and also connect them with carefully vetted vendors to assist with services requiring the expertise of professionals like home care, plumbing, roofing, and electrical work. Eastside Village will also provide social and educational programs and help members connect to health, wellness, and fitness activities. Learn more about what services we plan to offer here.


At its core, Eastside Village is about creating an interdependent and inter-generational community of neighbors helping neighbors. Our members will be individuals and couples who prefer staying in their homes and neighborhoods rather than moving into retirement communities. However, the village is not just for those near or already into retirement. It is for people of all ages who value being part of this east side community and want to strengthen their link to this community.


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Attend one of our community events. Location and times will be announced in monthly newsletter.

Attend a membership presentation to learn more about the national and local aging-in-place Village movement. For information on upcoming presentations, please email info@eastsidevillage.org

Volunteer! We currently need help with planning social events, database entry, tabling at outreach events, sending out our e-newsletter, making website updates, and a myriad of other tasks necessary to get the Village off the ground! Interested? Contact our volunteer team directly at eastsidevillagevolunteers@gmail.com.

Eastside Village is a proud member of the Villages NW nonprofit Hub & Spoke Network. To learn more, visit villagesnw.org.