Rules for Rides Updated

The Council recently discussed the parameters for ride services and agreed to the following:

  • Rides must be requested three days in advance.

  • Each member may request no more than three round-trip rides per week.

  • Trips are available for up to 15 miles outside the Eastside Village boundaries unless special arrangements are made with the office.

  • Eastside Village will attempt to provide volunteer drivers for transportation from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. Trip requests outside these hours will not be considered.

  • If a ride request cannot be fulfilled by the Village, the requesting member has the option to contact Ride Connection. (See below.)

Another Option: Ride Connection Services

Villages NW (Eastside Village’s parent organization) has a contract with Ride Connection that allows Eastside Village members to use Ride Connection services if Eastside Village volunteer rides are not available. Before using Ride Connection, members are required to call them at 503-226-0700 to complete a client assessment and be entered into their database. All full-service members are encouraged to contact Ride Connection as soon as possible to get this underway.

Please note: Ride Connection requests four-day advance notice for all ride requests.

Ride Connection also offers one-on-one travel training and Riders Club trips to teach older adults and people with disabilities to travel safely and independently using public transportation. For more information on these programs or to discuss transportation options, contact Ride Connection at 503-226-0700.

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